Recently my father, Apex Carpentry’s founder, Lou Spagnoli was diagnosed with Leukemia at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH). It has been a difficult ordeal for my Dad as well as my entire family, but what has made this journey considerably easier has been the level of care he has received from every person within the MGH family. From the ER personnel, whose vigilance helped spot the red flags that led to his Leukemia diagnosis to Dr. Amrein, and the skilled team of Leukemia doctors, who gave him the treatments and medication he needed to keep him comfortable for the two months—and gave us, his family and friends, the chance to spend quality time with him at home.
There were times in our journey where we found ourselves staying overnight in the cancer units at the MGH Lunder Building. I cannot begin to give enough praise to all the nurse practitioners, nurses and nurse’s aides there that my father loved and who truly loved him. Last but not least I am grateful for the exceptional care provided by the Leukemia Center. He was welcomed in by Faye, who greeted him at the front desk on that first day and was cared for by a team of incredible nurses, including his personal favorite, Melissa. The professionalism, knowledge and heartfelt care these hardworking professionals show each and every patient at MGH is truly wonderful.

My father has now moved to Hospice, but hasn’t lost that familiar spark. He’s still fighting the fight, which is not surprising from the strongest man you’ll ever meet.
Our family wanted to do something to give back to the people who have done so much for us, so we decided to help with their special fundraiser that benefits other Leukemia patients at MGH. I’m helping to sell earrings, crafted by a local jeweler. Proceeds from the sales will go back to MGH to give families, like ours, the resources they need as they wind their way through the maze of medical treatments.

To order your pair for $25 contact me through Facebook or by email at [email protected] And when you wear them, think of my Dad, and all the people who have cared for him along the way.