The setting of this job was as idyllic as they come, a Boston condo with a view of the harbor. But the interior of the home…let’s just say it had some quirks when we arrived. The previous owner had remodeled the kitchen, updating it to a sleek European design. But the design included some very taste-specific elements—like the striking yellow countertops—that unfortunately weren’t a flavor the new owner found appealing. So the homeowner enlisted the help of her friend, a Manahattan-based architect, and called in Apex to help carry out her vision. We succeeded in refashioning the space, adding back some New England Charm to match the building’s historic setting. The first addition to the space was beautiful and classic white oak flooring, which not only made the space feel lighter and brighter but gave it some of the warmth it was lacking. The kitchen also got a refresh with some glossy white cabinetry capped off with an island of stunning Calacatta marble. And the renovation didn’t stop at the kitchen. We installed a sleek new Radio RA lighting system throughout the space and a striking entertainment cabinet. The Apex team had to use extreme care when bringing in the cabinet because it had a high-lacquer finish that would reveal every scratch or ding.  In the end this Boston condo got the high-end specialized finish it deserved so it could assume its place as a glossy new jewel on the waterfront.